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Get Your Digital Badge Today!

APMP Digital Badges Now Available! APMP is now offering members the opportunity to share their success in achieving their Certification with a new range of Digital Badges. Digital badges are verifiable, portable badges with embedded metadata about skills and achievements linked to APMG, our independent examining body. They comply with […]

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Hire and Develop Great Writers

This article is a re-print of one that appeared in our 2016 Spring issue. Proposal response teams are entirely what your company makes of them. A good team can successfully swing at the opportunities for which you prepare them. A great team can take the ones you knew about and the […]

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Leading Teams on the Fly

Capture and proposal team leaders face challenges inherent to our business: fluid team composition, multiple concurrent tasks and opportunities, competing demands, changing priorities, and short deadlines. Most companies have a permanent cadre of full -time capture and proposal professionals supplemented by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), consultants, and other specialists (contracts, […]

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How Do I Lead Designers?

I saw Simon Sinek present at a conference. I was one of about 10,000 people who funneled into a large auditorium to see this popular TED Talk presenter. I heard he was an insightful speaker, and I had no idea how much his words on leadership would inspire me. One […]